5 Marketing Secrets To Double Your Sales

To attract more customers and double your sales you have to begin thinking like your prospective customers. Your customers are: Busy. Distracted. Overwhelmed. Everyday consumers are bombarded with overwhelming marketing information so they don’t have the time nor patience to decode a complex marketing message. So let’s learn how to make it easy for them to do business with you. At Wahi Digital Marketing we put together 5 marketing secrets to help you double your sales. 

With these 5 secrets we will show you exactly how to clarify your marketing message so your customers are listening. We will discuss how to bring more visitors to your website and exactly how you can convert them into customers. With every secret we will tell you the next action you need to take to elevate your brand image and double your sales. So let’s get started!

Secret #1: Clarify Your Marketing Message

The Problem: Sending Confusing/Unclear/Mixed Marketing Messages

Consumers shouldn’t have to work hard to understand what your company does. If you’re sending mixed marketing messages and your customers have to essentially decipher a code just to understand what your company does you’ve lost them as a future customer. 


Most customers are selfish, they only care about one thing – themselves. They are coming to you ONLY to solve their problem. So if you are bragging about how great your company is and not telling them how they will benefit. They will not understand the benefits of your business and will immediately move on to your competitors. 


An unclear marketing message will not only confuse your customers but also your employees. Your employees might be feeling ununited and unmotivated at work. They know what they need to accomplish on the day to day, but they might be missing the big picture. Employees want to understand what the company’s goals are and how they are contributing to those goals. 

This problem extends further than just your current employees. Are you having trouble attracting employees that want to work hard? Or you may be having trouble retaining employees for the long-term? The reason for your troubles lies in the fact that you don’t have a clear marketing message. To attract and retain the best employees they need to know that they will become an integral part of your company’s mission.

The Solution: Clarify Your Marketing Message With Us

The simple solution is to clarify your marketing message with Wahi Digital Marketing. With us as your marketing team we will help you identify your brand’s value proposition, mission statement, one-liner hook, and what your brand means to your customers and employees. Once you have clarified your marketing message with Wahi Digital Marketing your business will have a clear path forward to market your products and services, to attract more customers, and to inspire your team to perform better.

Next Action: Schedule a free consultation with us to take the first step towards clarifying your marketing message.

Secret #2: Redesign Or Update Your Website

The Problem: An Unprofessional/Unfunctional/Unfinished Website

An unfinished and unprofessional website will immediately turn away potential customers. If your website looks like a DIY craft project chances are your potential customers are hitting the back button and never looking back. 

The most fatal mistake that you can make on a website is that it’s not functioning. If your links aren’t working or if your website is unformatted, disorganized or loads slowly your future customers won’t want to do business with you. The harsh truth is that consumers judge the efficacy of your services by the picture you paint for them on your website. If they aren’t pleased by that picture they won’t think twice about you. 

Remember what we said about a clear marketing message. Well that message needs to be explicitly displayed on your website as well. If it takes your customers longer than 5 seconds to figure out how you can help them they will lose interest. Let’s do a quick test. Show your website to a stranger for 5 seconds and see if they can tell you how you help your potential customers. If they can’t tell you after looking at it for just 5 seconds, you have a big problem.

The Solution: Revamp Your Website With Wahi Digital Marketing

Our team of experienced content writers, designers, and developers will work on your website to create a masterpiece that represents your brand and attracts more customers. With a professional and custom made website you can represent the value of your brand much more effectively. You’ll be able to strategically place things like call to action buttons that will convert more visitors to customers. At Wahi Digital Marketing we will run a website audit to see exactly where your website is failing. From there we will write, design, and develop a custom website that elevates your brand and attracts more customers. Let us help you turn your website into a selling machine.

Next Action: Schedule a free consultation and turn your website into a selling machine.

Secret #3: Start Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Problem: Your Potential Customers Can Not Find You On Google

Now how do we get more visitors to your newly designed website? With SEO! Business owners think of SEO as a mystery, but it is an important aspect of any successful marketing strategy. The truth is, if you aren’t ranking on Google you don’t exist. When people search for your product or service they won’t find your company if you aren’t on the first page of search results. Having a website is important, but it is good for nothing if people can’t find it. Without an effective SEO strategy that leads potential customers right to your website you are missing out on potential sales. To make it worse, your competition is stealing those customers from you simply because they were at the top of search results and you weren’t. 

Having an effective SEO strategy is essential for your marketing and outreach efforts. People rely on the results from search engines to learn more about products and services and to find companies to work with. To prove just how important SEO is as a marketing tool here are some facts. More than 67% of all clicks go to the first five search results and the average user never goes past the first 5 listings. Being at the top of search results instantly helps bring more customers.

The Solution: Start Local And Managed SEO Services With Us

With local and managed SEO services from Wahi Digital Marketing you will be able to rank at the top of search results and drive in more customers. Our SEO experts implement a SEO marketing strategy that actually works. Our experienced SEO team will gather up to 1000 keyword terms and phrases, increase your page speed, and create SEO specific content. We will also increase your website’s authority with backlinks and link building. 

Once you rank amongst the top search results, potential customers will also notice the positive reviews you have on Google and will gain trust in your business. Our SEO services bring visibility and authority to your company. The SEO solutions from Wahi Digital Marketing provide great long term returns on your investment. All you have to do is spend the money once and see increased sales for years to come.

Next Action: Contact us to get a free audit of your current website rankings discover how we can bring your website to the top

Secret #4: Build A Sales Funnel & Lead Generator

The Problem: Not Being Able to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

Now that you have brought new visitors to your website how do you make them take action and convert them into a customer? A sales funnel and lead generator are crucial for converting leads. Thousands of people could be looking at your website everyday, but research shows that 79% of leads are never converted into sales. Without a sales funnel and lead generator you are losing out on the chance to convert free leads into sales. 

Currently, you don’t know who is looking for your product or service and you don’t know how to capture them before they move on to the next company. Sometimes customers don’t buy the first time they interact with a company. They need some more information and a little push. Without a well designed sales funnel you are missing the opportunity to be there for the customer when they choose to buy. You are letting your company be forgotten and losing customers to competitors.

The Solution: Work With Wahi Digital Marketing To Create Your Sales Funnel and Lead Generator

At Wahi Digital Marketing we won’t let you be caught in that 79% and we will work to increase your conversion rate by implementing a powerful sales funnel and lead generator. Our lead generator PDF will serve as a transitional call to action to help your customers make an informed decision. Some hesitant customers need a stepping stone to learn more about how you can help them before they make a purchase.

With this downloadable PDF you can capture their email to integrate them into your sales funnel. Just like how you provided us your email address and downloaded this lead generator PDF. Now you’ve entered our sales funnel and we are happy to have you here!

From there we will write and design welcome emails, nurture emails, and sales emails so that you can be there when your visitors are ready to buy. When you implement our sales funnel and lead generator system you will build stronger relationships, generate high-quality leads, increase brand awareness, and significantly increase sales.

Next Action: Schedule a free consultation and let us build your sales funnel and lead generator to convert more website visitors into paying customers

Secret #5: Reviews and Reputation Management

Reading a negative review can instantly turn customers away from your business and on to the next company. Even worse, they now have a negative perception of your company. With the growth of social media and third-party review websites maintaining a positive online reputation is more important than ever. 

Did you know the average consumer reads at least 6 reviews before choosing to give their business to a company? Which is why you need to not only minimize negative reviews but drastically increase positive reviews. Having very few reviews sends a bad signal to customers. They automatically begin thinking that the product or service you sell is not successful. Imagine if a company had 10 positive reviews and another company had 240 positive reviews you’d obviously go for the company with 240 reviews because they have built trust and credibility. 

Now, let’s say you have a bunch of happy customers but they aren’t leaving you reviews. That’s because it is time consuming for them, so you need to make it easy and convenient for them to write reviews.

The Solution: Let Wahi Digital Marketing Take Care of Your Reviews and Reputation Management System

At Wahi Digital Marketing we help you get more positive reviews from your customers. The best part about our reputation and review management system is that it is done-for-you. Meaning that we set up and manage the whole review software. We will set up an automatic review request system so that whenever your customer engages with your business it triggers the system to automatically send a review, survey or feed back request.

We will also monitor Google and Twitter Q&A so you can quickly answer questions and we’ll even write the answer for you. In addition, we use an insights tool to analyze what’s causing a 5-star experience so you can take knowledgeable action to further improve your business. All these features and more work together to create a done-for-you reputation and review management system that will elevate your brand’s credibility.

Next Action: Contact us to get a free audit report of your current online review and reputation

Now, you have all 5 of the top secrets to successfully market online. We like to share the knowledge that we have, so you are free to use any of these secrets to take a shot at online marketing. Or simply give us a call and we will work with you using our proven marketing framework. We will guide you through each aspect of digital marketing to help you elevate your brand image, build stronger relationships with your customers, and increase your sales.

Warning: Do not attempt to implement all of these secrets together you will waste your valuable time and resources and see little return. Successful marketing takes it slow. Perfecting each aspect before moving on to the next step.

By: Sharan Kaur

Senior Content Writer

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