Your Dental Website Design Should Attract More Patients

We’ll help you write, design, and develop your dental website design from start to a masterpiece that will help you get more new patients to your dental practice

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Grow Your Dental Practice

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some will shock

If Your Dental Website Design:


Is cluttered with information


Has not been updated for over a couple of years


Is beautiful but fails to engage visitors


Marketing messages are confusing people


Doesn’t convert visitors to customers


Is embarrassing to show someone


Doesn't have a lead generator


Doesn’t have a blog section


Loads too slow (if it loads slow, people will leave)


Still feels like it’s not finished

You’re a dentist and you’re really good at dental care.
We are digital marketers, and we are really good at designing
attractive dental website designs that engage patients.

We’ll Help Your Dental Practice Get More Patients,
Grow, Your Business and Increase Return On Marketing

Here’s a Story of a Recent Client:



First, We designed a brand new website for their dental practice in 27 days.


spend in 30 days

Then, We created and ran a google ads campaign that costed $1900 over a 30 day Period.


new patients

Results: 51 New Appointments Booked


month to ROI

Return On Investment: Paid for the cost of our services within Just 1 month

First, We designed a brand new website for their dental practice in 27 days.

Then, We created and ran a google ads campaign that costed $1900 over a 30 day Period.

Results: 51 New Appointments Booked

Return On Investment: Paid for the cost of our services within Just 1 month

Ask Yourself, Can Your Dental Practice Afford To Not Have A Website That Brings More Patients?

Don’t Worry! We’ Are Here To Help!!!

People Don’t READ websites, they SCAN them.

So we design websites to capture attention, just like we caught yours.

We design a website to help you get more patients.

We design a website with a goal to help grow your dental practice.

We design a website to be your ultimate online presence that represents your dental practice.

We design websites to engage visitors to allow them to scan and skim read. 

Let’s see how your current dental website design compares?
Schedule a call and we'll do a free video review of your current website.

Your Dental Practice is Awesome. Your Website Should Be Too.

Clear Message

We use a proven framework to create a clear message so you can avoid confusing your new customers. Clarity Always Wins!

Get Found

We design your website to be fully SEO optimized. That means your website is ready to be found on Google by people searching for your products or services.

Call to action

We make sure your website has a clear goal. It is to attract new customers

Pays your Itself

We design your website to be fully SEO optimized. That means your website is ready to be found on Google by people searching for your products or services.

We’ll help turn your website into a customer magnet.

We’ll Build Your Website In 30 Days

That Represents Your Dental Practice & Attracts More Patients

We’ll Build Your Website In 30 Days That Represents Your Dental Practice & Attracts More Patients


Schedule a Call

Let’s get on the phone so we can talk. We’d like to learn more about you, your business and your marketing goals.


Strategize and Plan

We’ll do all of the research, strategize with you, make sure you are happy with everything and finalize a plan of action so we can get started with building a new website for you or dental practic..


Execute the plan

We’ll do all of the hard work on your behalf and report to you regularly with results and insights. Now, you can stay focused on your business. 

Get Ready To Be Exited. You Are Going To Love Your New Website!
We Guarantee It!!!

You'll say:
Working with us is easy.
Creating a website never felt easier.
That's Because We Do It All For You!

You'll say: Working with us is easy.Creating a website never felt easier. That's Because We Do It All For You!

Content Writing - What will my website say?

We know you are busy, that’s why we wont take too much of your time. We’ll write all of the content or your website that is unique, represents your dental practice and helps engage patients.

Design - How will it look?

We’ll design a website that is impressive and modern. We’ll show you the design first, make any changes needed. Once you approve we’ll move forward with designing the rest of the website.

Developing - Coding it all to give it life.

Our web developers will personally code the entire website and bring all of the content and design together to bring the website alive. We’ll create a mobile friendly version that works on tablets and Mobile devices as well.

Maintenance - What about if I need to make changes later on?

We are here for that too. We don’t just disappear and leave you hanging. We are here to be part of your marketing team. We’ll manage your website, perform regular maintenance, keep up with security and ensure its always working.

It’s Like You’ve Got An In-House Marketing Team Of Your Own!

It’s Like You’ve Got An
In-House Marketing
Team Of Your Own!

Like what you see so far?
We are going to make it even easier


Satisfaction Guarantee

Simple! Easy! Risk Free!

We understand figuring out what works with marketing can be confusing. And that leads to frustration and poor marketing decisions. But don’t worry we are here to help! Working with us you will immediately feel confident before you even spend a dime with us. That’s Our Guarantee!


We promise you’ll feel confident working with us. If not, you’ve got nothing to lose.

 If you’re not happy with our services, we’ll make it right. If we can’t we’ll refund 100% of your amount. We are confident it won’t be necessary. But we offer it anyway. So you have peace of mind.



Simple! Easy! & Risk Free!

What are you waiting for?
Let’s turn your website into a selling machine

Clients Love Us

Easiest Experience Ever & Gets Appointments Booked

“My website is actually complete, and gets appointments booked. We had the easiest experience ever in getting our website designed, built and running. To top it off we booked 51 new appointments within 30 days. That just paid for everything we spent on designing the website and running our Google Ads campaign.”

Dr. Amandeep Gill

Good Job Guys. Glad I found you

"It was a lucky day, and I’m glad I found Wahi Digital Marketing. After being frustrated with my online marketing agency, and web designer I was looking for someone new to help me. That’s when I found Wah Digitali. Their own website looked beautiful and their marketing message just got me “Marketing That Really Works” “Let’s Turn Your Business Into A Selling Machine”. So I gave them a try and they wrote my website way better than anyone could have. All with little to no direction. Then they designed a logo for me. They showed me 20+ logo concept designs and I narrowed it down to a few and selected a winning logo that me and my team just absolutely loved. Good job guys! Glad I found you guys.

Sunny Rai

Include these 5 things on your website If you want to improve your website and attract more patients.

How Can Wahi Digital Marketing Help You?

Our goal is simple, we want to improve your marketing. So we take a holistic omni-channel approach to marketing. We combine all the available methods to achieve the best results for you.




At the end of the day, if we don’t get you results what good are our services? So we work really hard to make sure your ​ marketing works!

We care about your business as if it's ours!

We have discovered most businesses fail to represent ​how great they really are​ on their website. That’s because most business owners are not web designers and they don’t have time or attention to spend on building a website. We get it! You’re a dental practice and you went to school to become a dentist, not to learn how to build websites. Don’t worry! We are here to help, we are experts at designing impressive websites and turning them into selling machines.


At Wahi Digital Marketing, we believe you shouldn’t be alone in this. That’s why our promise is to be your personal marketing team. So you can focus on your business, while we take care of all of the marketing for you.

We have helped many other businesses just like yourself, succeed in their marketing efforts. Schedule a call and let’s find out what steps we can take to turn your website into a selling machine. Meanwhile here is a checklist of 5 things your website needs. So you can stop losing to your competition and start attracting new customers.

Website Design


Sales Funnel

Ultimate Marketing Power


No matter what type of business you’re in, a website is a great way to showcase the value you provide to customers. A professionally designed and SEO optimized website will drive more customers to your business and complete your brand identity. If you put together a DIY website chances are that it looks like a craft project rather than a well-designed and functional website specifically built to grow your business. With our team of professional designers, developers and content writers your business will finally have a clear marketing message, your brand will be well-represented, and your customers will have a  better user experience.

Short answer: We’ll build you a website that will actually be completed, will help you sell more, attract more customers and grow your business.
Full Explanation: Everything we do is focused on helping you grow your business. We take a holistic omni-channel approach to marketing to achieve the best results for you. At Wahi Digital Marketing, we know that every business creates unique value, so we never take a one size fits all approach to marketing. That’s just not in our values. Once you decide to work with us we sit down with you to create a custom plan to fit your unique business goals and values. Your satisfaction is important to us so we offer a streamlined and collaborative approach where you are involved every step of the way to ensure the website we are designing for you is to your liking. To top it all off, the price you see will always be the price you pay.  Our prices are 100% transparent with no hidden fees.

As business owners ourselves, we know how valuable your time is. Our process is focused on allowing you to spend more time on your business initiatives because the last thing we want is to take away your valuable time. With this in mind, we designed a step-by-step process that is not only time-efficient but also collaborative. We encourage feedback at every stage and provide you with unlimited revisions, but we only deliver when we know this is the one. To ensure that you receive a website that is well written, designed and developed to help you attract more customers, increase sales and grow your business. And of course it has to represent your brand standards. 

    • Step 1: Discovery Call: 
      • During the discovery call we will dig in deep to learn about you and your business. We want to learn about your goals, mission, values, growth plan, and story. With this information we will begin to put together a marketing strategy and plan tailored just for you.  
    • Step 2: Strategize and Plan:
      • After our initial call we will put together a streamlined strategy to show you exactly what we will be working on and when. During this phase you will receive a timeline of our deliverables along with a design strategy for the website. 
    • Step 3: Let’s Get to Work:
      • Once you approve the website design strategy and plan we will get to work. From there we will begin designing, developing, and producing compelling content for your website. You can expect to receive the first set of deliverables we discussed within the first week. You will be able to rest assured knowing that your marketing needs are taken care of with the right people in place. 

We understand that you need your website to be up and running ASAP to grow your business, which is why we quickly get to work. We will build you a website that represents your brand in as little as 30 days.

Yes. If you need help creating a brand identity from scratch or reworking your brand our design team is here for you. Our design team understands consumer psychology and will work to create a website that drives results, inspires action, and captures the brand identity you envision.

Good question!  What sets us apart from other web design companies is that we develop the website with a clear goal in mind to attract more customers, after all what good is a beautifully designed website if it doesn’t attract more customers. We carefully write all the words on the website to engage customers and to encourage them to take action. We don’t stop at simply designing the site – we take it a step further. Our lead magnets intend to engage visitors and capture their email address for you to use in your email campaign. With our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy your website will show up on the first page of Google. Our compelling messaging will increase conversion rates by converting visitors to customers. We will dig deep to learn the intricacies of your business to create a clear marketing message that works for your business.

Yes the website is completely yours. As an added bonus, if you need to make any changes or updates we will happily take care of those for you if you are subscribed to our Hosting/Maintenance Plan. You’ll be assigned complete control of your website once the full payment for our services has been made.

We make this really simple. You will pay just $100 (fully refundable) as a commitment to get started. Then once we have built out the design and completed your home page we’ll ask for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the design layout and agree to move forward we’ll request a 2nd payment to be made at that time (again fully refundable, should you choose to cancel). Meanwhile we’ll continue to work on the remainder of the website and once everything is fully completed. Then the final payment will be due after the completion of your project. 

We do have payment plans available if needed.

Don’t worry all of our services come with a 100% money-back guarantee. We want to make this process as simple and risk-free for you as possible. If you are not happy with our services and want your money back all you have to do is just ask. We will refund 100% of your payment back to you. NOTE: Once a refund request has been submitted the content developed by Wahi Digital Marketing will no longer be allowed to use by the client. This includes all written words, and design/layouts developed. 

We are legally obligated to not make any such guarantees or promises. However, we’ll write the words, and design a website that is sure to bring you more customers. But again, our lawyers tell us we can not make such guarantees. Although our efforts and intentions will all work towards driving results for your business. 

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