The Ultimate Guide To Successful Dental Website Design (2020)

Let’s build a dental website for your practice that is designed to attract more patients & book appointments.

Are you looking for more patients?

Is your dental practice website designed to book more appointments?

Is your dental website convincing patients to choose your practice?

In this guide we discuss everything that should be included for a successful dental website design. All the tips and their benefits. 

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As a dentist, you are focused on providing your patients with the best care and treatment. However, as a business owner, your main concern is gaining more patients and increasing sales. Just like with any business, a well designed and written website for your dental practice can attract more patients to your office. It’s the online face of your dental practice so it should represent the most important aspects of your practice and be focused on driving in more patients. With smart dental web marketing, your practice will gain credibility and you will allow potential patients to trust you as their dentist.


At Wahi Digital Marketing, we have worked with several dentists to revamp their dental practice website and develop a unique digital marketing strategy that works for them. From this work, we have learned exactly which details will make patients want to book an appointment with your dental practice. Our experience in creating websites for dentists has helped dental offices acquire new patients and schedule more appointments.

We know how to create the best dental websites and we are experts in dental website marketing.

Our team has crafted marketing techniques specific to the dental industry that have been proven to drive results. But, we don’t want to just tell you how good we are, we will show you. So, we are sharing a few ways you can enhance your dental website to get more patients. We will also show you real examples from one of the many successful dental websites our team created.


Dental Website Design Tip 1: Clear Marketing Message

 Let’s do a quick experiment. Grab a stranger and ask them to look at any page of your dental practice website for 5 seconds and tell you what it’s about. If they can tell you exactly what the purpose of the page is within the 5 seconds – you’ve likely passed. If they can’t tell you immediately, then you are losing more sales and potential patients than you can imagine. Within the first 5 seconds, viewers decide if they are going to continue reading your dental website or hit the back button.

5 seconds is all you have to convert visitors to patients.

So how can your dental practice website capture patients within the first 5 seconds? By creating a clear marketing message. This message might be simple, but it will be clear and powerful. It will not confuse your potential patients, and they will listen. When your potential patients easily understand what benefits your dental practice provides them, they will book an appointment!

Here are a few things a successful dental marketing message does:

  • States what differentiates your dental practice from your competitors
  • Tells your website visitors how you help them and solve their problems 
  • When potential patients look at any page of your dental website it should grab their attention and show them exactly how you take care of your patients 

You should have a clear marketing message on your first page and throughout the entire website for your dental practice. As a dentist, there are several different services you offer. Therefore, each service needs its own marketing message. For example, let’s say a patient is searching for dental implants and they land on your dental implant services page. This page is the first thing they are going to see, so it also needs to have a clear and powerful message to get them to book an appointment with you. 

Let’s look at an example of a clear marketing message we developed for a dental website.

“Brush-off The Dental Anxiety Bring in a Sparkling Smile” is a clear and simple marketing message that resonates with potential patients. This marketing message clearly states the problem, dental anxiety, which many people struggle with. Potential patients can read this and instantly relate to it. Just that in itself assures patients that this dentist understands their problem and can help solve it. 


Let’s analyze it a bit further. Notice the amount of white space on the page. It creates a clean design and the lack of clutter allows the viewer to focus on the most important aspects of the dental website. The smiling patient shows potential patients how well this dentist treats their patients and the subheading, “Your oral health is our priority” explains how this dentist is different from his competitors. With this information, the potential patient is intrigued and will continue to scroll through this dental practice’s website to learn more. 


Here are some service landing pages from the same dental practice’s website. Each of these service pages has its own clear marketing message that accomplishes similar goals to the message you saw on the home page.

To get you started: For completely free of charge, we’ll help you write the hero heading for your dental practice website. Get in touch with us, and we’ll do it all for you. Completely free! 

This alone will start earning you more business immediately.


Dental Website Design Tip 2: Direct Call to Action 

So what’s the ultimate goal of your dental practice website? To book new appointments right! Give your potential patients a compelling action to take. Phrases like “Schedule a Consultation” or “Visit Our Office” tell the visitor exactly what to do and convinces them to book an appointment with you.

Ask yourself, does my dental practice’s website show potential patients what to do next?

These phrases should be created into a button on your dental clinic website for accessibility. A direct call to action button guides visitors to booking a new appointment with you and becoming your patient. Whether you are asking them to schedule a call or book an appointment an effective call to action has proven to drive in greater revenues. If you don’t have a call to action button, you are shutting your door on future patients and potential revenues.

Benefits of a call to action:

  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Captures email addresses
  • Inspires patients to take the next step 
  • Motivates visitors to stay and interact with your dental website
  • Pushes your visitors to do exactly what you want them to
  • Increases sales

Don’t make it hard for your new patients to do business with you. Instead, place a bold and visible call to action button within your dental website design. This ensures your dental practice’s website visitors are taking the steps you want them to take to become your patient. 

But it can’t just be thrown onto the page. To be effective, your call to action must be carefully placed, designed, and written. Let’s take a look at a Call to Action button we designed for one of our clients:


Notice how the blue call to action button on this dental practice’s website stands out from anything else on the page. It is in a different color which immediately draws your eye. The placement of the button is also very important. Currently, it is placed in a visible and prominent location. Right as the visitor finishes reading the headline and sub-headline they see the button and know what to do next.

However, one call to action button at the top of the page is not enough. Chances are your potential patient wants to learn more. They will most likely scroll down and continue reading your dental practice’s website. In dental website design & marketing, you have to create opportunities for yourself. Which is why you need to have call to action buttons throughout the website. So whenever your future patients decide they are ready to book an appointment their next action is right in front of them. Meaning, YOU are right there for them when they choose to book an appointment. 

Here are some examples of more call to action buttons placed throughout the page:


Then as you scroll further down:

Designing and placing the button is great, but you also have to make sure it is functional. If there are any technical issues with the button you risk the chance of your potential patients no longer wanting to do business with you. They may become frustrated by your dental website and give up. You don’t want that!

When patients click on our call to action buttons designed specifically for dental practices, they will be taken to a “Make an Appointment” section. Here patients can enter their contact information along with their preferred date and time of the appointment. 

The main idea behind designing, placing, and ensuring functional call to action buttons is to make it easy and convenient for patients. The easier you make it to take the next step, the more people will do so. Don’t let your visitors leave without taking any action to become a patient.

To get you started: For completely free of charge, we’ll help you write and decide where to place the perfect call to action on your dental practice’s website. Get in touch with us, and we’ll do it for you. Completely free!  This will get you booking more appointments.



Dental Website Design Tip 3: Breakdown Information into Bite-sized Pieces

Let’s learn about the psychological phenomenon known as chunking. Our working memory has a limited capacity of information that it can hold at one time. That means long pieces of information aren’t as effective as you think. The brain is only able to easily digest and retain information when it is chunked – broken down into small, bite-sized chunks of information.

Remember, people don’t read websites, they scan them.

As website designers for dental practices, we can use this to our advantage by placing emphasis only on the information that really matters to drive a sale. You’ll want to make sure visitors understand the main points of your dental website even if they only briefly scan it. Ensuring that visitors understand the main aspects of your dental practice requires a deep understanding of consumer psychology and how marketing plays into it. We can help you with that! 

Here are examples of how we created a dental practice website design that is scanner friendly:

In both of those examples, of dental website design, we made the information scanner friendly. Meaning if someone were to roughly skim over the dental website they would catch the most important information because it is strategically designed to allow skim reading.

Even the information that isn’t emphasized is easy to read. No one wants to read a large block of text. So it is important to make sure all the information is chunked into just a few sentences. 



Dental Website Design Tip 4: The Problem you Solve for Patients

The most common mistake dentists make in dental website marketing is bragging about how great their services are and neglecting to mention their patient’s problems.  If you are looking for more patients, you must start thinking like a patient. A successful dental website design & marketing company knows the secret to success is connecting with the patient.  Through finding their pain point and positioning your dental practice as the solution.

Connect with your patient by addressing their pain point.

Now imagine you are looking at two advertisements:

The first one says: “We have been in digital marketing for 10 years” 

You’d say ok, and move on with your day. 

—Now, Imagine if the advertisement said— 

Most business owners are frustrated by wasting money on marketing. At Wahi Digital Marketing, we turn businesses into selling machines. Clients who work with us gain confidence in their marketing, attract more customers, and build stronger brands.” 

Who do you think is going to get more business? 

If you guessed the second advertisement. 

You are correct!

Why? Because we started with the problem, we told you what you’re frustrated with and how we can help, then we painted a clear picture of what your life will be like if you do business with us.

When you lead with the problem on your dental website you are putting your patient first. The easiest way to begin developing a relationship with potential patients is by mentioning a problem that patients struggle with on your dental practice’s website. You are letting them know that you know and understand their problem. In turn, the patient develops a strong desire to work with you to eliminate their problem immediate

Connect with your patients to understand their problem and position yourself to be the solution.

After you have addressed the problem you can talk about how your dental services can help your patients solve their frustrations. But still, align your dental practice with them. Don’t just talk about WHAT dental services you provide; talk about HOW your dental services solve their problem.

Addressing how your dental practice easily solves your patient’s problem will help you attract more patients.

Here are examples of how we introduced the problems within the homepage of this dental website design:

With this particular website for a dental practice, we listed several general problems patients have near the top of the home page. That way we can speak to the problems of the visitor right away and form a connection with them. Listing them in this method also ensures the patient that we have the solution to their problem. 

In the dental services section, as shown below in the dental website design, we get more specific with the problems. In each service, we state the potential problem the patient may have and the solution. That way they know this is the right service for their symptoms.



Dental Website Design Tip 5: A Clear 3 or 4 Step Plan 

Take a look at your current dental website design and ask yourself, “are you providing a clear step-by-step plan that shows your patients how easy and simple it is to work with you?” Now that seems like a hard thing to accomplish. But, don’t worry we are here to help!

Break down your process into a clear 3 or 4 step plan so the patient can envision the benefits of working with you.

Remember what we said about breaking down information into bite-sized pieces on your dental website? Well, this tip goes hand in hand with that to develop the best dental website design. Clarity is key when engaging with future patients. Every patient wants to know if they will achieve their desired results with convenience. 

Stop making your potential patients guess and lay out a clear 3 or 4 step plan that illustrates exactly how they will be treated with your dental practice. 

Check out an example of how we constructed a 3 step plan in this dental website design:

With this 3 step, dental plan patients can visualize the process of working with this dentist right on the dental website. Each step has a short explanation of what that specific step entails. This dental website design allows potential patients to perceive the process to be convenient and hassle-free.



Dental Website Design Tip 6: Transitional Call to Action: 

A transitional call to action within your dental website design will provide more information to patients who are not ready to commit just yet. It offers hesitant patients a less risky option to start engaging with your dental practice. A transitional call to action is a crucial tool for gaining trust and building a relationship with your potential patients.

To increase conversion rates on your dental practice website start by giving visitors something they can’t say no to. Some examples include:

  • Giving away free information through educational PDFs, podcasts, webinars, how-to guides, etc.

Through these transitional calls to action, you invite patients to learn more about what your dental office can offer them. It offers you an opportunity to become known as an expert. When you create educational content on a particular topic, your potential patients begin to perceive you as an expert. Your dental practice will be the one they turn to when they eventually want to book an appointment.

Potential patients will also appreciate that you put in the time to educate them. And as a dentist educating and informing is where you excel. We can put together guides on healthy oral tips, treatment plans, and more. We are open to any ideas that you have and we have a collection of our own. 

To drive the idea home, let’s play out two scenarios where you are the owner of a local dental practice.


Scenario 1: A potential patient, Joe, is looking for dental implants and finds your dental practice website. While scrolling through your dental website, he likes what he sees for the most part, but for some reason, he isn’t ready to book an appointment just yet. 

He sees nothing that grabs his attention, and nothing convinces him to stay, so he quickly hits the back button. A few days go by, and he realizes he needs to book an appointment for dental implants ASAP. He liked what he saw on your site, but he forgot your dental practice’s name. Naturally, he begins another search, but this time he doesn’t click on your dental website. He clicks on a competitor and decides to go with them. 


Scenario 2: A potential patient, Joe, is looking for dental implants and finds your dental website.  While scrolling through your professional dental website, he likes what he sees for the most part, but for some reason, he isn’t ready to book an appointment just yet. Before leaving your dental website, he notices a PDF guide “Discover the Pros and Cons of 3 Types of Dental Implant Treatments” he decides to enter his contact info and downloads the guide. Immediately, he receives an email with the guide and begins to read it. Now, Joe knows more about dental implants and is better equipped to make a knowledgeable decision about treatment options. 


Joe closes the PDF and goes about his day. Joe decides he still needs a bit more time to make a decision. A couple of days go by, but Joe doesn’t forget about your dental practice and your dental implant treatments because that was the only dental website that provided him with educational information. 


As a bonus, you were able to integrate him into your email campaign and sent him regular emails with more information, which reminded him of your dental practice regularly. Joe decides to book an appointment through your dental practice website! Why? Because you never allowed Joe the opportunity to forget about you and positioned your dental practice to be right in front of him when he was ready to book an appointment.  

It’s clear to see how devastating the first scenario is. You could be losing potential patients because there is nothing to grab hesitant visitors on your dental website.

By providing a stepping stone for hesitant visitors, you can build your relationship with them and turn them into patients.

Take a look at the transitional call to action button we designed below for a dental practice’s website:

“5 Habits to Healthier Teeth” is the transitional call to action on this dental website. It stands out because it is strategically designed and placed to draw the eye right to it. This particular button is also effective for its copy. “5 Habits to Healthier Teeth” is intriguing and makes the visitor feel that they will instantly benefit. Simply said it is hard to resist. If you want to improve your oral health you are bound to click on the button and find out more. 

When you click on the button a prompt to fill out your name and email pops up on this dental website.

Then the PDF opens up to provide the visitor with beautifully designed and educational content. Below are a couple of screenshots of the PDF from the dental website’s marketing content we created.


When you work with Wahi Digital Marketing we will present creative ideas for your transitional call to action button and its content. All the content we create is unique and you’ll never find us recycling the same ideas. We are here to offer you the best dental website design services.


Dental Website Design Tip 7: Value Stacks

For this last one, look around your dental practice website. Is there an illustration that shows patients three or four significant benefits of working with you? If the value you offer your patients isn’t obvious, you leave the patient confused, and they will likely proceed to another website for dentists. 

Your value stacks are the promises you give to your patients. They explain the direct benefits your patient will receive when working with you. While creating your value stack for your dental website form three or four targeted bullets to explain the exact value, you will deliver for your patients.

Your Value Stack paints a picture of how your patients will benefit if they work with you.

The key to an effective value stack is to be concise, unique, and captivating. If you are struggling to communicate what you do and how you help your patients, a value stack is an effective way to accomplish that. These value stacks create an easy to understand picture on your dental website.

Here is an example of our Value Stacks for this dental website:

In this example, the value stack is at the bottom of the page. It reads “Affordable Treatment | Payment Plans | Healthy Teeth | Permanent Solutions”˙

You want your patients to have a clear picture of what their life will look like if they work with your dental practice. Don’t leave any room for interpretation and communicate the value clearly within your dental website design.

Now you have the ultimate guide to creating a successful dental website. You know everything you need to have on your dental website and this is just a little taste of what Wahi Digital Marketing will provide you. Let us provide your dental website and digital marketing solutions for your dental practice. Schedule a call with us by visiting our website at

Let’s turn your website into a selling machine.

To Summarize:

The best dental website design will include: 

  • Clear marketing message
  • A Direct Call to Action
  • Information Broken Down into Bite-sized Pieces
  • The Problem you Solve for Patients
  • A Clear 3 to 4 Step Plan
  • A Transitional Call to Action
  • A Value Stack

Let us help you get this right the first time.  Our team at Wahi Digital Marketing will build your dental practice’s website that attracts more patients, books more appointments, and increases your revenue. 

Sharan Kaur

Senior Content Writer at Wahi Digital Marketing

Most business owners are frustrated from wasting money on marketing. At Wahi Digital Marketing we turn your business into a selling machine. Clients who work with us gain confidence in their marketing, attract more customers and build stronger brands.

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